January 20, 2019
Nour Taban
About Us
Company History
Nourtaban Film Industry (PJS) was registered as a private joint stock company under the registration number 413525 and national code 10320642906 of State organization for registration of deeds and properties. The company head office is in Tehran.
Core Activity
Creating research and screenwriting cores, investing or contribution in producing feature films, short films, documentaries, animations and TV series. Investing or contribution in building and renovation of cultural and tourism complexes in the whole country, investing or contribution in construction, equipping, and managing of cinema towns and film/TV studios, foreign and domestic investment absorption for making feature films, short films, documentaries, and animations in the whole country, printing and distribution of home DVDs in the whole country, distribution and marketing of short films and animations, investment on cultural and cinematic promotions, import and export of equipments, and raw materials for TV and cinema productions, setting up domestic or international film festivals and cultural events or participating in them as well as issuing notification brochures about cultural and cinematic events and other activities related to the activity range of the company.
It’s worthy of attention that the abovementioned is in line with the policy of Iranian organization of cinema, and audiovisual affairs of the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance.
Islamic Revolution Mostazafan Foundation, Zarfam Kish Co., Sina Financial & Investment Holding.