January 20, 2019
Nour Taban
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Tame Shirine Khial (Sweet Taste of Dream)
Tame Shirine Khial (Sweet Taste of Dream)
The film is distributed by Nourtaban Film Industry. This Company is intended to send the movie for public screening prior to Fajr Festival If possible. Otherwise its display will be postponed until after the festival.
The managers of this company and the producer of the movie are trying to accomplish the final stages of the movie. The special effects are completed and the initial version of the movie has been reviewed by the producer and distributor of the movie and they are content with the movie.
The manager of the Nourtaban Film Industry, Mr. Mohamadreza Saberi says that the movie “Sweet Taste of Dream” will win a successful display considering its good structure, strong screenplay, good actors and will be welcomed by the audience. This movie is to be sent to the Jury of Public Screening License this week.
Film Crew:
Producer: Mohamadali Hosein nejad
Director: Kamal Tabrizi
Screenwriter: Dr. Naghmeh samini in collaboration with Ali Mirmirani, based on a plot by Mohamadali Hosein nejad
First Assistant Director and programmer: Seyed Jalal Seyed Hatami
Production Manager: Jalil Shabani
Director of Make up Design: Majid Eskandari
Director of Costume Design: Majid Leilaji
Director of Production Design: Sara Samiei
Director of Live Sound Engineering: Abbas Rastegarpour
Director of Sound Effects and Sound Mixing: Alireza Alavian
Composer, Music Performance Leader, and Music Recording: Masoud Sekhavatdoost
Director of photography: Ali Tabrizi
Editor: Bahram Dehghani
Director of Animation Design and performance: Hosein Jamshidigohar
Supervisor of 3D images and computer generated visual special effects: Farhad Yousefi(Pooya Mehr Company)
Cast: Shahab Hoseini, Nader Fallah, Eisa Yousefipour, Nazanin Bayati, Parivash Nazarieh, Nazanin Farahani.
Film Distrubutor: Nour taban Film Industry