January 20, 2019
Nour Taban
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World is waiting for the movie “Muhammad”
World is waiting for the movie “Muhammad”
The production project of the movie “Muhammad” directed by Majid Majidi which has been started since 2011 is currently in technical stage and will be released in 2014 and the world is waiting to watch this movie made according to international standards Majid Majidi said. Accordnig to Mehr agency news, The movie “Muhammad” which is currently in technical stages, is the latest work of Majid Majidi the renown Iranain director
This enormous movie project made about the prophet Muhammad life is one of the most notable and most important Iranian movie projects which is made according the international standards and is an international movie. Studying the life of prophet Muhammad is a religious historical context which has not been considered in Iranian cinema till now. Producing such movie needs a professional director such as Majid Majidi who has made notable movies like “Bashehaei Aseman”, “Range Khoda”, “Avaze Gonjeshkha” etc.
Majidi began his career in Iran cinema with starring in some movies about Iran Islamic Revolution and then he made some short experimental movies and then began making feature films.
Till the year 2012 Majidi was the only Iranian director who had a movie nominated as the best foreign language film in Academy Awards ( The movie “Bachehaie Aseman” nominated in 1998). The movie lost the award to the Italian movie “life is beautiful” directed by Roberto Benigni. Majidi was also among the five directors invited by China government to make a documentary about Beijing Summer Olympic 2008. During the Rooiesh Film Festival in Mashahd, Majidi said that he had been visited Imam Reza shrine to get permission from Imam Reza for beginning of the movie production. Even before starting the project, Majidi in some formal and informal meetings had announced his incentive to make such a movie. The movie “Muhammad” production was started on Eide Ghorban in the year 2010 after a three year period of pre-production. The first stage of the movie production began in October 2007 and the initial version of the Screenplay was completed in March 2009. According to the production group prediction, the pre-production period was determined from May 2010 to August 2011 and after that was the beginning of cinematography. The main location of the movie was Nour cinema town near Qom city that is in a 100 hectare area. The minister of culture and Islamic guidance, Mr hoseini said a big step has been taken for production of the movies related to prophet Muhammad through the production of the Mecca and Medina cinema towns. This movie also passed a part of its cinematography  in Kerman and Asalouyeh and the last part of its cinematography accomplished in South Africa (after the request for work in India was rejected by its authorities). The project needed a lot of elephants for producing the scene of Abraha army raiding on Mecca.