January 20, 2019
Nour Taban
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Post production phase of the movie “Muhammad” in Munich, Germany
Post production phase of the movie “Muhammad” in Munich, Germany
Post production phase of the movie “Muhammad” in Munich, Germany
Upon Finishing the cinematography of the movie “Muhammad” directed by Majid Majidi, the post-production process will be done in Germany.
According to AhluBayt news agency, ABNA, The technical steps of the movie continues by cinematography of the movie in Asia and Africa. An important aspect of this movie taken in to consideration from the initial stages was international presentation of the movie for the international audience. There are also international film crew members for the production.
Following the researches done by Fars News reporter, all the post production process including editing, sound engineering, and music composition will be done abroad and the contract for post production process is made with an studio in Munich, Germany.
According to this news, the cinematography of the movie were done in different cities such as Kerman, Asalouyeh and Qom suburbs as well as some parts of the scenes regarding Abraha armay raiding which went in front of the camera in Africa.
In this movie which deals with the prophete Muhammad lif many actors is starring such as Alirea Shojanouri, Mahdi Pakdel, Mohsen Tanabandeh, Mina Sadati, Sareh Bayat, Pantea Mahdinia, Ali Falahat Pisheh etc.
Based on this report, Majidi had announced in a radio program that the movie would be ready for public screening within one year.
The movie plot is about prophet Muhammad childhood and Arabs Jahiliyyah era. The production of the movie started two years ago and has been recently completed.