January 20, 2019
Nour Taban
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Accomplishment of the editing phase of the movie “Muhammad” in Germany
Accomplishment of the editing phase of the movie “Muhammad” in Germany

Accomplishment of the editing phase of the movie “Muhammad” in Germany

Mohammad Reza Saberi, the managing director of Nourtaban Film Industry, the producer and distributor of the movie “Muhammad” said: “ The editing phase of the movie has recently been accomplished in Germany and the technical stages are being done currently and the sound engineering will soon start”.

Regarding the public screening of the movie he said: ”The technical stages of the movie should be done first which takes a long time and after that we have  Fajr International Film Festival ahead so we are developing a comprehensive planning for the film screening”.

Majidi will be the director of the second episode and the whole trilogy. The first episode begins with the prophet Muhamamd birth and is about his childhood.

Majidi embarked on making the movie “Muhammad” seven years ago. After writing the screenplay in 200 sequences with the cooperation of Kambouzia Partovi and Hamid Amjad, the pre-production phase was completed in June 2011 and the film production permission certificate was granted then.

Eventually on November in the same year, Majidi announced the production of a movie which will bring Iran to the center of attention for a long time. The movie “Muhamamd” is the lastest movie made by the director of “Range Khoda” which is intended to bring a divine atmosphere to cinema. The movie production process was done without any worry and few news were leaked about the production phases to the extent that the visiting of the location by the Supreme leader was only broadcasted by the movie public relations.

The main location of the movie is Nour cinema town near Qom city in a 100 hectare area. Minister of the culture said that big steps are taken to produce movies about prophet Muhammad by constructing Mecca and Medina cinema towns.

This movie also passed a part of its cinematography in Kerman and Asalouyeh  and the last part of its cinematography accomplished in South Africa (after the request for work in India was rejected by its authorities). The project needed a lot of elephants for producing the scene of Abraha army raiding to Mecca.

The movie begins with the Muslims siege in Shib Abi Talib and shows the period since prophete Muhammad birth to his 12s. The scenes regarding prophet Muhammad’s mother decease in Al-Abwa village and the scenes regarding the infancy and childhood of the prohete Muhammad in Sadiah Village were other parts of the movie. The film ends with the first journey of the prophet Muhammad to Sham(today Syria) and his arrival to Bahira temple. “Bahira” was a Christian priest who foretold to Abu Talib,Prophete Muhammad’s uncle, his future prophetic career.

Among the renown technical crew of the movie, is Vittorio Storaro a famous Italian cinematographer who has won three acadamy awrard.

Some of the film cast members are as follows:

Alireza Shojanoori stars as Abdul-Muttalib( Prophet Muhammad’s grandfather), Mahdi Pakdel stars as Abu Talib(Prophet Muhammad’s uncle), Pantea mahdavinia stars as Fatimah bint Asad(Abu Talib’s wife), Mina Sadati stars as Aminah(Prophet Muhammad’s mother), Sareh Baiat stars as Halima(Prophet Muhammad’s foster mother), and Mohsen Tanabandeh stars as Samuel the Jew merchant

“Muhammad” movie is a grand project with massive location and renown crew and is a national project.

“Miljen Kreka Kljakovic” winning two academy awards is the location designer, “Scott Anderson” winning one academy award and the special effect director of such movies as King Kong, Terminator, and Die Hard is the director of special effects and editor of the movie, “Rahman” winning two academy awards and the composer of the movie  “Sumdog Millionaire” is the composer of the movie, and Vittorio estoraro winning three academy awards is the director of photography of the movie. Other than Majid Majidi as the main director of the movie. Many renown Iranian directors has cooperated for production of this grand project.